We have over 150 years of collective experience in every aspect of changing the lay of the land to suit construction or civil engineering needs. 

From excavating and removing to shifting and adding, from laying and levelling, to settling and securing, from paving to tarring, from demolition to construction, we are your best choice in earth moving and civil construction solutions. Our expertise ranges from large scale projects to working out the smallest, most important details needed.

We have broken down Civil Construction into 3 distinct areas:
Bulk Earthworks | Civil Infrastructure | Road Construction


Project management

Solutions and working out the best and fastest and most cost-efficient way to get the job done is what we are all about. Our model isn’t employing people and lots of machinery.  We’re smarter than that. We are about employing the right kind of people and using the right equipment – to do a better job. Working smarter means reducing the dependency on plant and labour but still achieving the desired, top quality outcome, for our clients. That’s constructive don’t you think? 

That’s how we think. That’s how we work.

Leadership drive.

At the core our organisation is a team of four key experts.

Daryn Utian
Daryn Utian

Managing Director

Piet Naude
Piet Naude

Contracts Director

Bryan Diamond
Bryan Diamond

Financial Director

Saliem Hassim
Saliem Hassim

Operations Director

People power

Odoko is a 100 + strong company of permanent professionals. From our directors through to our “on the ground” staff, we work together as a team of people who know the value of work. We understand the business – and we work with one another to do the best job we can. 

We keep it lean and keen.  

Depending on each project, we up-scale our base of expertise to purpose suit each project. By keeping our company busy, we employ an additional 180 to 260 staff. Some companies refer to these people as ‘casual labour’. Not us. 

There is nothing casual about the labour we do. We all know and value the opportunity for work. Anyone who works with us is respected and paid a good wage for good hard work. The best sums are done with a little sweat.


We have worked out the ideal earthworks and civil construction solutions for a range of different projects. The scope, scale, budget and time-parameters for excellence in delivery for each project was vastly different.  However, earth moving excellence was achieved on each project because every project we are awarded is treated with absolute and individual attention. The project team treats every project with exactly the same passion to achieve the end goal, as if it were the first project we ever did. We grasp the opportunity to make a difference. Attention to detail, sheer sweat, smart thinking, and a budget that works as hard as we do is our formula. 

 We believe that if we move the earth for you (even once), we will get the opportunity to do it again and again. So far earth moving passion has worked for us, as well as our clients, on all our projects.


We advocate a sound balance between using resources, environmental care, social responsibility and profitability.

Any job today that doesn’t consider the impact on tomorrow is irresponsible. No sound business can afford to meet the needs of today at the long-term cost of tomorrow. There is no future in thinking that way – which is why we believe sustainability is a journey. 

Sustainability is about being forward thinking. It’s about planning, learning and improving how we do things, and building a business for the future.


Our commitment to equal opportunity and transformation of the economy is unwavering. We have a BBBEE level 2 status under the charter – and we strive to not only maintain this empowerment achievement but improve it. To us, a diverse workforce that works as a team is our most powerful asset.  

Our Employment Equity Plan is about transparent human resource policies and practices that are about progress and participation in progress – which is why our Employment Equity committee represents employees at different levels and constantly monitors progress and the effectiveness of our plan. 

A plan is only as effective as its implementation – so we make sure that our objectives and advancement of the previously disadvantaged is not just idealistic goals that we work toward but objectives that we actively achieve because we have a plan that works. 

There is no point in having a great plan or architecture, if you don’t build a great building. What really counts is what you build from the plan – and that is only as good as what you actually build. We’re about building a great company full of great people – and that is true empowerment.


Odoko Construction (Pty) Ltd