Our people come first. We identify talent within our ranks – and develop and promote people from within. Training and developing is vital to ensure our company has a steady base of staff with diverse skills and talents whom respect one-another and value teamwork. Rather than hiring outsiders, we believe in training people up – and we actively promote equal opportunity to grow within our organisation. By ensuring our staff have access to training and development programs that are relevant to their roles and positions within our company, we grow our people – and in turn, we grow our business. Nurturing talent creates a workforce with an innate common purpose. People who grow with us means we grow together.

  • Safety management training includes incident investigation and handling procedures, legal liability, construction regulations, safety, health, environment and quality (SHEQ) compliance, hazard identification and risk assessment (HIRA)

  • Learnerships are provided through accredited training providers. Many people often are unemployed because they do not have skills, we do not see this is a barrier. Instead, we use our learnership programme to upskill people – and then we employ them.

  • Internal training is provided by experienced and qualified mentors. Knowledge sharing through skills transfer is a foundation to our people development philosophy. Coaching and workshops are ongoing in order to maximise our people power.

  • Short learning courses and formal training keeps the knowledge base of our people current. Keeping up-to-date with know-how keeps our people efficient and effective.


Construction is inherently a high-risk activity.  We take the moral and legal obligation to safeguard and protect the lives and health and safety of our people deeply to heart. We are completely committed to a safe and healthy work environment with an attitude that strives for ‘0/100%’ – which means zero fatalities and injuries throughout 100% of our operations. We apply responsibility for maintaining stringent Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) standards to everyone involved on every one of our projects – from employees to sub-contractors and third parties, active involvement unwavering attention to safety standards and risk management is a mandate. We believe in continually improving safety and risk management systems – and our awareness programs keep our people constantly alert to prevent accidents, avoid potential hazards and keep them informed on how to react in the event of an unforeseen circumstances. 


  • Our medical fitness programme ensures every employee is routinely tested to ensure they are fit to work in a construction environment – especially in managing high-risk medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and epilepsy, and occupational diseases.

  • HIV / Aids awareness, testing and treatment programmes ensure that the impact that this illness has on our people and their health and any negative impact the disease has on their ability to work and live full lives is mitigated.

  • Wellness days and access to information and activities are there to develop social understanding and create a healthy, happy workforce with a love for life.

  • We apply international best practice standards as determined by the International Standards Organisation (ISO.)

  • We are fully compliant with the legislation of the Occupational Health And Safety Act and National Environmental Management Act.


Safeguarding the environment and the well-being of communities affected by the activities of our company is why we rigorously apply the best practice principles of environmental management. Considering the environment is always part of our strategic decision making processes that weighs risk and opportunity – and we use risk registers and process planning to attain the highest levels of accountability and responsibility for protecting the environment.  We monitor, report, investigate and remediate any negative incidents – so that we are in a constant process of improvement. 

We continually identify and assess environment hazards and what actions can taken or systems can be implemented to prevent or contain problems. We believe in training programmes and increasing individual awareness levels of environmental issues, responsibilities and accountabilities. 

The conservation of natural resources is key in when considering opportunities for business growth. In fact, identifying opportunities within the arena of protecting and enhancing the environment is one of business drivers.


We believe that our moral contract to society is one we cannot default. It is our responsibility to create a greater world; a better world. It is not a corporate responsibility – it is our obligation as caring human beings. It our investment in society as people who genuinely care – which is why our investment focuses on providing assistance and upliftment to the communities in which we operate.  Where we have an effect on peoples lives, we want it to always be a positive one that brings change for good. To us, education is the greatest foundation – and it is the key to a constructive future. This is why we support Education Africa. 

Education Africa reaches the poorest of the poor by assisting disadvantaged South Africans in attaining a quality, relevant education that will enable them to become productive in the local job market – and citizens that contribute to our global competitiveness. It’s about economy-focused education that enables opportunities for people to fully participate in the global economy. 

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